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Free Resources

Adaptable automatic worksheets

Adaptable automatic worksheets for teaching maths. Allows for careful customising by teachers to allow for precise differentiation for the needs of each individual class and/or pupil - and all have been made available completely free. Thousands of different worksheets available in each file; never run out of extension work again! See our demonstration video to get an idea of how our sheets work.

In order to work, all worksheets require:

Front cover of the N5 Applications of Maths booklet

Key Facts Question & Answer Booklets

These booklets are made up of a list of key questions and answers for the key topics at each level.  They could be given to learners for them to practice in class, or at home, or they can also be distributed to parents and carers.  A lot of parents/carers want to help their child practice their maths at home but aren't sure how: these booklets are a great task for them to work on with their child!

Broad General Education

The Broad General Education booklets come in four booklets. Rough Curriculum for Excellence levels are suggested, but these are approximate and there will be a lot of overlap with the level above and level below.

National Qualifications

Other Free Resources