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Adaptable automatic worksheets for teaching maths, and revision notes for Scottish SQA maths courses

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Adaptable automatic worksheets for teaching maths. Allows for careful customising by teachers to allow for precise differentiation for the needs of each individual class and/or pupil - and all have been made available completely free (optional £5 donation to cover site running costs). Thousands of different worksheets available in each file; never run out of extension work again! See our demonstration video to get an idea of how our sheets work.

All the dynamic worksheets are available completely free, though a donation can be made to cover costs of running the website. We also have a selection of comprehensive course revision notes for SQA Mathematics and Applications of Mathematics courses at National 4, National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher levels, for which a school or single-user licence can be bought through the online store on this site. Also available in the online store for summer 2017 will be prelims (prelims are not being offered for sale in 2016/17 as workload issues have meant there was not the time to create them at the required quality).

In order to work, all worksheets require:

  • Microsoft Excel 2007 (some sheets may work with earlier versions, but most will generate error messages)
  • macros to be enabled (essential)
  • the Excel Analysis Toolpak to be installed (instructions/advice on how to install this: Excel 2007, Excel 2003, workaround for Excel 2008 for Mac (which does not have the Toolpak))

David Watkins
david@ dynamicmaths.co.uk

Our demonstration Video: (to see most clearly, choose "view full screen")